"The nurse with Recovery Room was extremely professional, timely and fun! 
She made sure I was comfortable at all times and most importantly made me feel so much better in just 30 minutes! 
Very much worth it and I didn't even have to leave the comforts of my hotel room."

"I had so much to do and I couldn't even get out of bed without vomiting.
I felt relief from my symptoms right after the medicine you gave me. I'm so thankful for your services."

"Thanks to Recovery Room, I was able to feel great and enjoy the game
after a long night of partying with my guys in downtown Nashville."

"Feeling awesome in less than an hour!"

"I can't believe it worked so well."

"Y'all are the BEST!"

"I would be a hot mess right now if I hadn't gotten an IV. You're great! I'll be calling you next time we visit Nashville!"

"I can't believe this was so easy. I feel so much better."

"I felt so bad before Amanda and Katie arrived, but I ended up running 5 miles and cleaning my whole house.
Thanks so much today...it was very helpful!"